Collection of articles related to Face Pulling

Expansion/Facemask Treatment of an Adult Class III Malocclusion 
Article showing the effect of wearing a reverse-pull facemask for 20 hours a day during 4 months on a 20 year old female. The facemask is tooth anchored, with elastics attaching to her braces.

Age changes in the human frontozygomatic suture from 20 to 95 years.
This article by Vincent G. Kokich shows that the maxillary sutures are complex interfaces that are easily misanalysed. It is shown that the sutures don’t completely fuse until very late in life, and that they remain active sites of bone growth well onto adulthood.

Protraction of maxilla in rhesus monkeys by controlled extraoral forces
Study showing significant maxillary displacement in three adult monkeys after 90 days of wearing a full-time headgear. Adult maxilla moved forward up to 3mm and upwards up to 5mm, from a 500g force applied at an angle above the occlusal plane.