Proof: Moving the Maxilla is Possible in Adults

I found a very interesting study showing that maxillary displacement is possible in adults. Researchers applied 500g of force to the maxilla of adult monkeys through a teeth anchored appliance for 3 months. They then determined the maxillary displacement with the help of bjork implants. This is a very reliable technique, and it proves that facial bone movement is definitely possible in adults.

This is the Vitallium splint that was used. As you can see on the picture, it is tooth-anchored.

The monkeys were immobilized in a headgear for a duration of 80-91 days

A spring is then used to generate a 500g force for forward displacement.

After 3-months, you can see significant displacement displacement in the maxilla of the monkeys. All of the specimens had their wisdom teeth completely erupted.

Wearing a headgear on a full-time basis is not feasible for humans. This is why face pulling has to be complemented with tongue posture, to achieve a near-24h force on the maxilla.

Protraction of maxilla in rhesus monkeys by controlled extraoral forces

9 thoughts on “Proof: Moving the Maxilla is Possible in Adults”

  1. I am 28 years old with an underbite. I believe that its mild because it doesn’t give me any problems and I would like to have it fixed for aesthetic purposes. I know it is hard to tell without pictures, x-rays and whatnot but is there any chance that this technique would help me achieve an aesthetically pleasing profile? Thank you so much for your time!

  2. I have been using a hockey helmet with retainer and elastics for 3 months (3 to 5 times a day and 30 minutes each time).
    I haven’t notice any difference I’m afraid to report.

    I will do this for another 6 months but starting to get very disheartened.

    I am a 33 year old female.

    1. I am afraid that 5x30mins for a total of 2.5hrs a day is not enough time to achieve changes. Also, by using a retainer your are pulling on your teeth which will not achieve bony changes in my opinion.

      I understand the disheartened feeling, it is a very challenging process.

      1. Hi, is there any news on the facepulling device. The prototype was cool but yes it does seem to have its flaws.

        Please tell me you figured a way/device out.

        A life depends on it.

    2. I have had great results from face pulling and expansion and with a canted maxilla which is hard to heal.

      I believe what has helped me a lot are oil pulling (mouthwashing with coconut oil for over 20 mins) after flossing, acupressure points on face, yoga/stretching, and qi gong meditation which balances the whole body and improves efficiency of gene and protein synthesis which is helpful and in summary it is rejuvenating so I recommend everyone here to try these things out.

      I still got more to go though.

  3. Hello! I was wondering if you were noticing any improvements with the device you designed? I’m really interested in trying it or attempting something similar. So far I’ve been mewing, doing NCR and some facepulling (using other method) and I have noticed some pretty good results, but I want to speed it up a bit.

    1. Hi Natasha,

      “(using other method)”
      What type of facepulling do you do.

      Also can you please explain how this self NCR works? A video demonstration would be so enlightening.

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